EDGE is designed by athletes, for athletes. Everything we do at EDGE is built with the athlete in mind, stemming from a desire to solve an issue we’ve been in ourselves.  

At EDGE, we understand firsthand the struggle that follows retirement from the life of a collegiate or professional athlete. We have experienced the helpless feeling of navigating the work world. The EDGE network is full of former professional and collegiate athletes who understand and possess a desire to help current athletes navigate their new reality.

Who am I outside of my sport?

I didn’t have or make time for internships, so what do I do now?

I have no applicable experience to add to my resume!

My playing career is almost over? What comes next?

What exactly is networking? How do I start and what do I ask?

These assumptions and questions spurred our team into action and culminated in the creation of the EDGE mentoring platform. 

At EDGE, we survey, interview and pair each EDGE athlete with a former athlete turned work professional that has been vetted as an EDGE mentor. The EDGE mentoring connection gives current athletes the ability to engage and build networking relationships with former athletes, to learn and develop themselves professionally, while also connecting these same athletes with companies who have the desire to hire like-minded successful individuals.

EDGE partnered companies have the ability to innovate and evolve their recruitment of elite level talent in the work force. University athletics administrators, athletic players associations, collegiate programs or professional clubs working with EDGE, now have the ability to provide each of their athletes with an invaluable resource towards their future by providing both colleague and corporate connections that will jump start the next chapter.


Kacey White - sports consulting

Kacey White

Kacey retired from soccer after an illustrious career that saw her winning a National Championship with the University of North Carolina, a United States Women’s National Team member, 2008 Olympic alternate and a professional player in both Sweden and in the United States. Kacey founded K21 Sports Consulting, a company founded upon providing an array of mentoring services for the professional, collegiate and elite youth athlete.

Ashley Willis

Ashley retired from soccer after an impressive career that took her from Colorado, to Washington State and across the pond to the Netherlands, but she most proudly hails from the University of Alabama. After spending multiple years in both the corporate world and the sports sector, Ashley co-founded K21 EDGE along with Kacey with the goal of helping athletes prepare for what comes next.

Ashley Willis