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Company Partnerships at a Glance

Evolve and streamline your search for talent through the K21 Edge network

K21 EDGE partners with companies to change the way their talent acquisition teams discover, recruit and hire prospects.

“If I have two resumes come across my desk, one being a former college or professional athlete, and one is not, I will hire the athlete every time! I already know they have the ability to work in a team environment.”

– Senior Director, Fortune 500 Company

Built from the principles of recruiting in the sports world, companies will now have an EDGE in searching, vetting and bringing new elite talent to their corporate teams.

“The life skills athletes bring to the table after years of competing in sports are unique. They graduate college with more applicable experience than any of them realize because they stuck with something for so long. A lot of people give up these days, but athletes don’t! That alone puts them above the average graduate.”

– Start Up Company

A partnership with K21 EDGE allows companies and hiring managers locker room level interaction with our athletes that is specific to your current needs and enables your company to EDGE towards working with the next generation of up and coming talent.

“Athletes have an innate competitiveness in them that cannot be taught. That’s what makes them successful; their new scoreboard is their paycheck.”

– Award winning Sales Recruiter

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