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Professional Athletes

You have proven you are elite at what you do in the athletic world, so why should your next step be any different?

Finding your next passion can be exhausting and feel endless at the conclusion of your professional career.  EDGE was founded by professional athletes, who just like you, struggled with what would come next.

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Football Players


Entering the final half of your collegiate career can often be stressful as the realizations begin to emerge that you may not play the game you love for much longer. 

But how do you manage this transition while excelling both in your respective sport and in the classroom and juggling all the thing pulling at your time?

EDGE was designed by athletes, for athletes with this in mind – EDGE has developed a one-of-a-kind mentoring program and network to partner with you to take initiative and properly prepare even before that moment comes knocking at your door.

Athletic Programs & Associations

It has become increasingly apparent that both collegiate and professional athletes require resources that are unique to the journey of athlete themselves.  The challenges during an athletic career are specific, and so are the challenges that surface when making the decision of what next steps to take in their life journey. Why do we leave these athletes to figure it out themselves?

EDGE grants you the ability to take your investment into your athletes to another level.  As a University athletics administrator, a professional front office manager, or a Professional Leagues Players Association, working with EDGE allows you to provide an invaluable resource towards athletes’ futures as they progress out of their playing careers, through our former athlete mentoring program, our elite athlete network, and company partnerships.

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Interested in Becoming a Mentor?

Are you a former athlete that has successfully made the transition into a successful career, understands first-hand what it takes to excel in both an athletic and corporate arena and possess a passion to give back to those currently transitioning out of their athletic careers?


“We had a great first meeting…Thank you for being so thoughtful in my mentorship pairing” 

“My EDGE mentor has been an absolutely perfect fit. I now want to go into sales because of her!”

“The EDGE mentor pairing was extremely smooth and I’ve loved having someone there to guide me in such a transitional point in my life.”